Notary Services

What a Notary Does for You

The purpose of having a document notarized is for a State-authorized representative to confirm that the person signing the document is, in fact, the designated signer of the document. A notary helps prevent fraud as an official witness of the State and ensures that the participants are willing and all the required tasks are carried out correctly.

A notary confirms that the person signing the document is named in the document. As an official witness of a state, a notary helps prevent fraud. By witnessing the signing of the papers or administering an oath, the notary is there to ensure the participants are willing and all tasks are carried out correctly.

If you wish to have a copy of an original document notarized, a notary can provide a sworn statement that the copy is certified from the original. The copy will have to be made at the time of notarization.

The notary at the Pony Mailbox will not notarize wills.

No copies of birth or death certificates can be certified as copies from originals. You must obtain additional copies of Birth or Death certificates from the State of the occurrence.

What You Must Bring

Acceptable identification is a valid, government-issued photo ID. Current driver’s license preferred; physical i.d. must be provided. No photos on cell phones are accepted.

If your document requires witnesses in addition to the notary, please bring your witnesses with you.

Cost and Appointments

The State of Washington has mandated $10 per notary stamp.

Pony Mailbox has, on the premise, a copier, scanner, and carriers for mailing your documents once completed.

Appointments are not mandatory; however, it would be advisable to call in advance for the notaries’ schedules.