Mail Services – Safe & Secure


Pony Mailbox offers United States Postal Service as an ‘Approved shipper.’ We offer most of the services the local post office offers.  We offer flat rate boxes and envelopes, stamps, package tracking, certified mail and return receipt. Round stamp certified letters are available for an additional $1.00. We ship to both domestic addresses and international.  Our software verifies the address you are using. Our computer saves the addresses you have used in the past with us, providing you with quick, accurate service on your next visit.

We send first class, ‘parcel ground,’ Priority, Media/Book Rate.

Our mail is picked up twice a day.  All mail is taken to the post office at the end of our day

Private Mailbox


Stay in constant contact with your mail and never miss a delivery again through our private mailbox service. Are you a snow birder, international traveler, just home for the summer, or just want a secure receiving agent for your mail and packages? When Pony Mailbox provides you with a private mailbox, you will quickly learn what service is. If you have indicated what mail is important to you, we will notify you when it arrives. Our private mailboxes have a street address.  ALL CARRIERS will deliver to our address. We scan in every package we receive giving you notification of who sent it.  We have 24-hour access for you  to pick up your mail from your mailbox. We also have 24-hour lockers available for package pickup, should you need your package after our closing time.  We pride ourselves on the exceptional service to our mailbox customers.

There are three sizes of mailboxes available.  Discounts in mailbox fees are available if you commit to more than three months at one time. There are no additional fees at sign up. Keys are $2.00 each.

Mail Forwarding Service

When you have a mailbox at Pony Mailbox, you have the freedom to leave town without worry of what is coming to you in the mail.  Pony Mailbox will alert you to all first-class mail that has come for you, as it comes in. Upon receiving your approval, one of us will open your mail and scan to email, any mail piece you request.

Your mail forwarding is customized. You can leave us a list of periodicals you do not want to be forwarded.

Mail forwarding is sent priority mail, flat rate unless otherwise discussed.  Labor for the mail forwarding is an additional $4.00.

Package Receiving

Pony Mailbox is equipped to receive packages as well. Be assured your packages are in safe hands. We accept your package with our signature and notify you of its arrival. We keep your package safe and secure until you pick up the package.

If you have a private mailbox with us, there is no additional charge for us to receive your packages. We will be happy to secure your package in an after-hours locker if you cannot come in during regular business hours. For those who do not have a private mailbox with us, we are still happy to receive your packages for a small fee.

Package pick-up is encouraged to be within 2 days of the delivery date unless prior arrangements are made.