Wine Shipping and Weather

Weather changes, where the external temperature of the box is higher than 86 degrees or below 19 degrees, does affect the shipping of wine. The wineries and UPS do not encourage wine shipping during these extreme temperatures.  In the cold, the wine freezes causing expansion to break the glass. Should the cold temperatures break the bottles of wine, UPS will not provide reimbursement for the wine or the cost of shipping

The wineries find their wine is not at its finest, once it has been in heat over 86 degrees. Many wineries will not send wine during the high temperatures of the summer months. Should you need to ship wine during high temperatures, may we suggest using next day or two day service. We have some storage in our Woodinville site and can hold your wine until the temperature along the shipping route returns to the safe range.

Pony plans your wine shipment knowing the route of the train, the weather along the route and time in transit to deliver wine boxes. Pony plans your wine shipment, according to your wishes.

Wine requires an adult signature.  UPS will attempt to obtain an adult signature three times before returning the wine to us. To minimize the exposure to unfavorable temperatures, you might consider sending your wine to a UPS/mailbox store who will sign for it on the first attempt.

UPS will not honor a claim of wine bottle damage during cold weather or unforeseen delays.

Please call us for a current look at shipping wine from Seattle or Woodinville during this present season.

Pickup from your lodging to Woodinville can be arranged