Packaging Wine

Where can I ship wine? The answer is Pony Mailbox/Woodinville

Pony Mailbox does ship wine. Pony Mailbox is the premier wine shipper in Seattle. We assist customers in sending personal wine shipping, third party wine shipping, or help you on how to ship wine to a friend. We know how to ship wine from Washington State to your destination.   We utilize Certified packaging corrugated containers sanctioned by UPS. We also use the inner packaging consisting of the fiber (molded paper pulp) These materials are Eco-friendly wine shipping supplies. The trays suspend the bottles on their sides. These boxes have been proven to be a reliable packing method. UPS will honor a claim, if breakage should occur, using our certified packaging materials.

Pony Mailbox stocks corrugated boxes certified as a wine shipper box for wine in the following sizes: one, two, three, four, six, and 12 bottle boxes. We also carry magnum shippers. Pony Mailbox uses UPS wine shipping recommendations. Please refer to our recommendations on how and where can we ship wine on our web site.

Pony Mailbox also carries a wheeled wine shipping container, that can be re-used.  The Wine Chek is a wheeled carrier that makes transporting your wine boxes with you on an airplane a breeze.

Pony Mailbox does third-party wine shipping. Please visit the wine shipping page on this web site for the states and rates for the number of bottles you need to send.

We can’t ship wine to Canada, Mexico or any other foreign countries