Moving a college student to their campus?

This is the time to plan on how you will move your son or daughter to their college campus.  Let the Expert Shipper, Diane, from Pony Mailbox offer suggestions:

Household goods are not insured so take caution while packing:

  • Bury the glass items in the middle of the box, nothing against the edges of the box or better yet double box
  • No aerosol or flammable liquids
  • Electronics are recommended to be double boxed. 
  • Monitors, T.V’s and Audio Equipment need to be bound in bubble wrap prior to double box
  • Electronics are not reimbursed if damaged in shipping. 
  • Large boxes (18x18x18), should be filled to the brim.  They will be dimensional weighted for 30 pounds, make sure they weigh at least that.

Remember, vibration is your enemy.  Packages travel by rail and are handled many times.  Protect your goods against falling from shelves.  Please take note that 200 pounds or more to one location get a break from UPS.

Pony Mailbox also does less “than truck load”(LTL) freight.  There is a point where the cost of shipping the boxes will be cheaper by freight than UPS.  Shipping freight easily accommodates many boxes.  We place them on a pallet and shrink wrap them. That protects them from handling and pallets move the group by fork lift.  LTL freight can be delivered to a residential address.  Assistance is available to move the boxes from the parking strip to the house as well.

Ten days to spare, Pony Mailbox has a third shipping option.

To obtain a quote: box up your items, weigh and measure each one; summarize what is in each box for records, call or bring them to Pony Mailbox for a quote to ship.  Please include zip code of destination. 

Pony mailbox can also arrange for a location to accept your boxes off campus and on time.  Pony Mailbox can also coordinate a campus to campus transfer.

Are you worried about how to package the delicate items?  Let Pony Mailbox do the packing. 

Remember Chamber members receive 10% off of shipping.